Scientific Committee

The scientific committee guarantees the quality and functionality of all implant and prosthetic solutions, leading the development of our products through the available scientific literature and its extensive experience and specialization in implant surgery.
The guarantee of excellence.

Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn

Director del Comité Científico

Graduate in medicine and surgery. Universidad Rovira i Virgili de Tarragona.

Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist (MIR). Hospital de Bellvitge de Barcelona.

Doctor of Medicine (PhD). Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

Professor and Co-director of the International Master in Oral Surgery (IMOS) at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC).

European Board of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (EBOMFS).

Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Service at the Hospital Plató de Barcelona.

Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn, medical specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery, obtained the degree of Doctor of Medicine with "Excellent Cum Laude" for his work on "3D technology applied to Orthognathic Surgery" at the International University of Catalonia.

Currently, he is the Scientific Director of Vulkan Implants, supervising and collaborating closely on product design. In the healthcare field, he is the Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit at Plató Hospital in Barcelona. Dr. Aboul-Hosn works intensively at the International University of Catalonia where he is a hired Professor, a position that gives him the title of a Degree subject, the Co-Direction of the International Master in Oral Surgery (IMOS) and the direction of various research studies. The European Council of Oro-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (EBOMFS) should also be highlighted on his CV as recognition of European level specialist degree, as well as the publication of several scientific articles in national and international journals.

His training has always been accompanied by stages in reference centers in North America (Miami and New York) and Europe (Bruges, Barcelona, ​​Liège, Timisoara), directing his career towards oral implantology, orthognathic surgery (skeletal or dental deformities) and facial cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Samir Aboul-Hosn has participated as a guest speaker at multiple national and international scientific events, is a member of different scientific societies (Spanish Society and European Society of Maxillofacial Surgery) and collaborates with medical aid NGOs for people at risk of exclusion and in NGO's of aid for developing countries.

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Dr. Octavi Ortiz Puigpelat

Graduated in Dentistry.Universidad Internacional de Cataluña. 2005.

Master in Implantology and prosthetics. Universidad de Nueva York. 2007.

Doctor of Dentistry. Universidad Internacional de Cataluña. 2016.

Associate Professor at the International Master of Oral Surgery (IMOS) . Universidad Internacional de Cataluña. 2007.

Private practice at the three centers of  Clínica Ortiz-Puigpelat, Centro de Implantología Minimamente Invasiva.

Dr. Octavi Ortiz is a modern professional  expert in Implantology and dental prosthetics who practices in prestigious private clinics in Barcelona. Author of publications and papers at national and international level, his work extends to the academic field, being Associate Professor of the International Master of Oral Surgery (UIC).

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