Vulkan® Internal Hex., the cutting-edge implant

that meets all your needs

Vulkan® Internal Hex. Implant


The most innovative design with the latest technology

in each area of the implant

Micro-slot in cortical area

High primary stability at the cortical level.

Suitable for immediate loading treatments with bone types III and IV.

Decrease of occlusal loading stress.

Reduces the risk of cortical bone resorption.

Polished coronal region

Polished and beveled surface of 0.5 mm.

Aids the proper healing of the perimplantary mucogingival tissue, promoting the hygiene in the supracrestal area.

Hinders the adhesion of bacterial plaque. Diminishes the risk of perimplantitis.

Double thread

High advance of 1.8 mm per revolution.

Easy insertion.

Precise conicity to enable gradual condensation of the bone, facilitating primary stability.

Cutting notches


Optimal channeling of the detached tissue during implantation.

Anti-rotational function after osseointegration.

Reduce excessive pressure on the alveolar bone during insertion.

Trapezoidal thread profile

Optimal load distribution.

Facilitates self-tapping function.

Extensive bone contact surface.

Atraumatic tapered apex

Facilitates self-tapping to improve maneuverability.

Blunt tip minimizes the risk of injuring anatomical structures.

Simulates the natural tooth root.

Internal hexagon connection of high fit

Absence of micromovements (minimum gap).

Optimum sealing. Only 5 µm tolerance in manufacturing.

Effective occlusal loading distribution.

High resistance to torsional loading.

High fit accuracy of dental attachments.

Uniform platform suitable for all diameters.

Simplicity in the process.

One Prosthetic Platform for All Implant Diameters

√ ​One size fits all

√ ​One size fits all

The Best Titanium for the most Advanced Implant

Grade 4 MCW Titanium (Medical Cold Worked)

√ Improved strenght.

√ Better biocompatibility.

√ Advanced mechanical properties.

Sizes Guide

* All Vulkan® Internal Hex. Implants include the Cover Screw (VINHTC) in the same pack.

Drilling Sequence

* In case of bone type l and ll, use countersink drill.

Smart Implant Driver

Simplified Implant Placement

Multiple Functionality

Step-by-Step Implant Placement

Step 1

Lift off the coloured cap to open the vial containing the implant.

Place the cap into a sterile field. The implant cover screw comes attached to the top of the cap.


Step 2

Attach the implant driver to the contra angle.

Step 3

Connect the contra angle driver to the implant by exerting slight axial pressure.

They will remain attached because the driver presents an elastic retention feature (rubber dots) in the area that connects to the implant.

Remove the implant from the vial and carry it to the implant bed.

Step 4

Begin inserting the implant with the contra angle set at low speed (10-45rpm).

Step 5

Insert 75% of the implant length.

Step 6

Finalise the implant installation manually preferably with the wrench at maximum torque set to 45 Ncm.

Step 7

Remove the cover screw from the vial cap with the H1.27 hand driver.

Step 8

Hand-tight the cover screw into the implant with a máximum torque of 10Ncm.

European quality Certifications