Our Research, Development and Innovation team is made up of engineers and doctors with extensive experience in the development of dental implants and prosthetic components.

Together, they investigate and design the Vulkan Implants® innovative products according to user needs under the most advanced protocols of Medical Engineering and in accordance with UNE 166002.



Vulkan Implants® products are known for their high precision, quality and robustness. This is possible, among other things, thanks to the skillfulness of our specialists, experts in dental technology, and the latest CNC machinery which allow us to guarantee tolerances of only 5 μm.

We can proudly say that our products are manufactured with the most accurate technological system in the world.



Our Quality Department is equipped with strict and rigorous control systems. Robotized computer machines with artificial vision ensure the correct measurements of all parts. Through an innovative optical laser technology, we control up to the most micrometric detail of the geometry of the observed implant or prosthetic component. Additionally, to ensure the perfect functionality of the product, our team physically checks the perfect fit of each one. 100% unitary control.

European quality Certifications