Vulkan® is a modern, cutting-edge European dental implant brand, established in Barcelona (Spain) in 2013.

Vulkan® was born out of our long and recognized expertise in the field of dental implantology. Also, because of our links with highly regarded companies and professionals in the industry sector and our close ties with the strong and world-renowned local biotechnological network.

As a manufacturer of implants and dental prosthetic solutions, our added value is based on the high quality and reliability of our processes and products. As well as the innovative capacity of our team of scientists, engineers and dental professionals.

In Vulkan® we carefully monitor and control all our processes of R+D+i, design, production and quality to be able to guarantee 100% the success of our products.


Our mission is to improve and facilitate the experience of the patients and dental health professionals by designing, manufacturing and making more accessible the most up-to-date dental implant technology.


To introduce our products worldwide, offering added value through the constant improvement, scientific research and technological innovation. To simplify and improve the clinical processes that professionals in the field of dental implantology face.



The constant improvement and the desire to find the best solutions for the patients place us as an innovative and reliable company.


Quality and seeking perfection are golden rules for everything we do.


Our commitment with the patients: solutions that improve their quality of life. Our commitment with the industry professionals: innovations to improve their clinical experience.

Added value

The engine that moves us forward is the motivation to always offer more and better solutions.

Social responsibility

Our aim is to make the world a better place and to always look for the collective benefit of society.


For us sustainability is a core value in our decision making process, to enable our values and our brand to last over time.

European quality Certifications